Democracy in small Drops



My name is Jorge. This is my blog.

My opinions do not reflect the opinions of my employer, my family, my friends, my barber or my barista.

I grew up supporting Social-Democracy. To this day, some of the the most successful and progressive societies in the world are the northern European countries where social democracy was more prevalent.

At a time where being a lefty is thrown around as some sort of insult, the world is going through a wave of populism in many ways similar to the one we had last century. At the time, the world had Salazar, Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin. Today there’s Orban, Le Pen, Farage, Trump, Putin.

Are the similarities something that only exists because of my left goggles, or is this a  trend we should be worried about?

I will use this space as a scrapbook where I’ll be posting copies of some of the news I’ll be reading and occasionally will add some of my thoughts. The objective is to use the blog as a space of reflection. Use writing  to force myself to organize my ideas and express them in a clear, concise and coherent way.

Not all is bad. There’s Jeremy Corbyn, there’s Justin Trudeau, there Varoufakis, Pablo Iglesias,  Marisa Matias, and there’s Iceland.

So, where to next? Is there room for a new meaningful global left movement?

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