If the country you live in is not the one in which you and your parents were born, and you’re still a Trump supporter, I’m writing this for you. Hopefully you can spare a couple of minutes to read it.

Think about your life. Think about how you enjoy being in your new country. How you’ve got your job, your family, your house. Seriously, pause for 10 seconds to think about what you did today, or yesterday, and how all your life is now in your new country.

Think of a friend who was born in your new country but still has dual citizenship because one or both of his parents came from the old country. He still identifies slightly with the culture, has a slightly heightened sense of pride in his roots, but apart from the passport that his father insisted on getting him, he doesn’t really have any connection with the old country. He has never even been there. You know the one? (If you don’t, you can also picture a child from one of your friends to whom this is likely to happen)

One day, you and this friend go on a trip together. You’re going away for work, or maybe you had to go back to the old country to help out a relative, or maybe you just went away on a short holiday to Fiji or Morocco. Leave the kids behind. Maybe with the grandparents?

While you are away, someone changes the rules. You are not allowed to go back to your new country.

Yes, your kids or your families are still waiting for you. Yes, your house and your job are still there. But you are a citizen of both countries and for reasons beyond your control and for no wrongdoing of yours, your new country no longer welcomes you and you can’t travel back.

So now there you are. Separated from your family and from life as you know it, stranded in some foreign country with no support.

Maybe you can travel back to the old country. You might still have some family there. Your friend has never been there and doesn’t speak the language, but you’ll be there to help him through it and start from scratch. Maybe your family can join you at some point, assuming they’ll be able to survive back in the new country without your income. Hopefully your old country is not a war zone.

This is what happened today to thousands of families throughout the world after Trump’s Muslim ban. It could have been me being separated from my family, or it could be you, sitting where you are now. Effectively separated from all your family living abroad. You can’t leave the country anymore, and they can’t come visit you. You don’t know when or if you’ll ever see them again.

And if they get away with this now, what’s next?

But hey, some religions are just a breeding ground for evil, right? Any efforts to segregate and annihilate them is an act of brave leadership, and an important step for our security.